High Performance teambuilding

Herken jij dit?

  • Het team werkt hard, maar er zit meer in.
  • Een paar leden van het team kunnen niet meekomen met de anderen. 
  • In onze branche is het van belang dat je met elkaar kan communiceren en van elkaar kan leren.


De Marinier en de Therapeut

Onze zwaarste leiderschapstraining in Nederland.

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Wat gaan we doen?

Wil je alvast een kleine preview?

Een hele dag zoeken naar de beste balans tussen Gezondheid en High Performance!


Lopen met zware zandzakken, grote kisten of zelfs je collega op een brancard! Tijdens deze High Performance Dag wordt er een grote focus gelegd op fysieke stress. Word je fysiek uitgedaagd? Daar is maar één mechanisme tegen bestand: je mindset.


Op elke uitdaging die je deze dag meemaakt, gaan we uitgebreid reflecteren. Wat doe je? Hoe en waarom handel je op deze manier? Persoonlijk leiderschap staat hierin centraal.

Wij gaan op zoek naar de perfecte balans voor jou. Een balans met aan de ene kant hard werken en door je comfortzone gaan. Aan de andere kant rust nemen en je grenzen aangeven. Zit je teveel aan de hard-werken kant? Dan ligt de burn-out op de loer. Aan de andere kant een bore-out.


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Wat zou teambuilding jou opleveren?

Wie gingen je voor?

Danny PotDanny Pot
07:52 01 Jul 22
Learned a lot in high performance in combination with sport and challenge. Very happy with the trajectory we did with Mind The Body via The Next Label. Highly recommended!
Ivo LentjesIvo Lentjes
09:34 29 Jun 22
For the past twelve weeks I have done a 'High Performance Course' with my team led by Gerben and Rick. Through the combination of physical challenges, personal coaching sessions, stepping out of your... comfort zone and in-depth theory, I have learned a lot about myself and others and we have become closer as a team. A very cool process that will certainly be of great use to me, now and in the future!lees verder
Onno WoutersOnno Wouters
14:24 23 Jun 22
On Thursday 9 June we had a very successful 'Train like a Marine' session in the Amsterdamse Bos. We were looking for a 'non-standard' team outing and we got it. Until two days later I still had a... lot of pleasure from the muscle pain, but more importantly .... we have become stronger as a ConeyMinds team and know that we can rely on each other, dare to ask for help if you need it, you can't always leading the way.Gentlemen, thank you!lees verder
Dainah GijzenDainah Gijzen
11:37 29 Mar 22
Er zijn soms momenten in het leven waar je vast loopt in je oude patronen en het lastig om daar alleen uit te komen. Bij Mind the body heeft Gerben me heel goed geholpen met het verder onderzoeken... van mijn hulpvragen en een plan van aanpak gemaakt. Gelukkig hebben we daar niet uren voor in een kamertje gezeten, maar hebben we het proces letterlijk in beweging gezet door verschillende oefeningen buiten en binnen. Van intensieve ademhalings oefeningen op de grond tot yoga houdingen buiten in het gras. De omgeving voelde veilig, warm en toch doortastend waardoor ik me zelf niet kon afleiden van waar het nou echt om gaat allemaal. Dit bedrijf heeft alles in petto om anderen te laten groeien, helen, stevig in de stijgers te zetten en laten winnen in het leven.Dankjewel Gerben, jij weet precies wat een mens nodig heeft!lees verder
Anneloes van der MeerAnneloes van der Meer
07:04 22 Mar 22
I am very excited about our collaboration with Min the Body! All my employees who have followed coaching at Gerben indicate that they have benefited a lot from his decisiveness in his coaching... conversations and the sharpness with which he knows how to expose their pain points. That combined with physical exercises that push them to find their own limits, through the resistance, makes this a unique and valuable trajectory that I wish everyone!lees verder
Matthijs BreeuwsmaMatthijs Breeuwsma
13:02 21 Mar 22
A few weeks ago I was allowed to attend a masterclass High Performance by Mind the Body. From my role as a consultant, I have a lot to do with High Performance at both my own organization and... customer. Often still an abstract concept, because what exactly is "a high performance team or person". Mind the Body gave me a new fresh perspective on this, which has helped me personally, but also in my role as a consultant!lees verder
Amy ColstersAmy Colsters
09:25 28 Feb 22
Coaching a group of independent entrepreneurs is not always easy. Gerben has provided a great training. Afterwards, the participants were very pleased with Gerben's approach. It has brought the... group, who have embarked on a year-long journey together to grow their business, closer together.Some reactions from the participants:A coach who, as far as I'm concerned, has the right distribution of depth and light-heartedness.It has given me quite a lot of insights about myself, even if it was just one afternoon.Nice and direct, a breath of fresh air.lees verder
Lourdes Barrios AyalaLourdes Barrios Ayala
12:54 09 Dec 21
Mind the Body provided a group coaching session in my office. We treated diversity of topics related with self-development, team building and definition of personal/professional objectives. It was a... very challenging opportunity to connect with ourselves emotionally and physically. The tools that I acquired have been helpful in several situations I encounter everyday, and have made me more stress-resilient, proactive and present. It was a boost of energy that gave me a great sense of joy, I would definitely recommend it!lees verder
steven van duinensteven van duinen
15:42 06 Dec 21
Chapeau for the entire process in which we were guided from TNL by Gerben and team. Highly recommended for any company that needs guidance on how to get the best out of itself.
Elbert DamhofElbert Damhof
09:50 06 Dec 21
I had a multi-day trajectory with my team from team Mind The Body. Physical and theoretical components were linked together and you were coached as a team and as an individual. All in all, it was an... instructive process, gained insight into ourselves and the team. Recommended and we will see MTB more often here at the office!lees verder
Milad DelawarMilad Delawar
07:51 22 Nov 21
A refreshing and unique concept that is very interesting for everyone! The team listens carefully to your interests and knows how to deal with this. You make progress in your mindset, behavior,... stamina and as a whole as a person. Highly recommended!lees verder
jelle bongertmanjelle bongertman
09:53 23 Feb 21
In the coaching sessions with Gerben I learned to experience more peace in my life. In addition, I have also gained better control over my emotions, I now easily pronounce everything that could first... become big in my head and I can be proud of the achievements I deliver.In addition, it is also just really nice to go through the process!Jelle - Founder of Cooder / The Next Labellees verder
Stan HermansStan Hermans
16:27 14 Jan 21
I came into contact with Gerben via via and I have now been training with him since June last year.Corona and working from home got me into a rut and I was looking for a way to break this pattern. I... had a lot less exercise than normal because of working at home and I especially had trouble letting go of work. In recent months I started coaching at Gerben. No time is not an option. I now train with him twice a week at 6:30 in the morning.In my case coaching mainly consists of improving myself physically. Searching for my limits and then crossing them again. I set goals for myself and, in consultation with Gerben, I started working on them. What he does is make you aware of yourself, that you have to listen carefully to your own body and that one day is not the next. He combines this with the goals I have set for myself. Be who you want to be and that starts with you. Gerben has helped me a lot with this. I lost 10 kilos, a lot fitter than I was but also more aware of other things. This makes it easier for me to close work and find the balance better. For anyone who is looking to get to know themselves better and to develop themselves further in the physical and mental plane, I can say nothing else than that I definitely recommend it.lees verder
14:57 14 Jan 21
If you really want to go all the way and push your boundaries, Gerben's Train As A Marine is the place to be. A combination of mental and physical training ensures that you are not only completely... destroyed in 45 minutes, but also increases your awareness of your own actions in the event of physical exhaustion. Gerben is a professional who merges his experience as a marine and his study of the human psyche and is therefore the ideal coach for those who want to bang, but also want to learn something.lees verder
Jits JongsmaJits Jongsma
15:08 12 Jan 21
Gerben is an enthusiastic and ambitious guy. Very nice to train with him. He can sense well what a balanced training is for you and adjusts this well to your personal ability. The training courses... are varied, exercises very diverse, and there is also room for your own input if you want to repeat certain exercises or achieve a goal. He accurately keeps track of which elements are in your workouts and how often you repeat them. Based on this, you will also receive a schedule to get started and grow under your own steam! This has made me very enthusiastic!lees verder
Michel WangMichel Wang
15:50 02 Oct 20
Great trainer. Good combination of real life excersises and theory!


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